The Shack

My shack is currently only doing packet radio. I power the shack with a Kenwood PS-6 5-Amp power supply. I float the power to the radios over a 650-CCA Automotive battery at 13.25V. This appears to be the sweet spot for my setup. The power float gives me the ability to use the PS-6 to power the radios in receive, which has almost no draw. When transmitting, or during a power emergency, the battery can take the load, with all cabling (connected with Anderson Power-pole Connectors) designed to handle up to 45-Amps. All-in-all, I am quite happy with the setup.

Shack Equipment

I am currently set up for packet radio only, using jnos for linux transmitting over 2-meter radio. My jnos system is a Dell Optiplex GX-280 SFF running Debian Etch (4.0). Due to space constraints, and considering cost and power efficiency, the system runs headless or without monitor and keyboard. I am using a Coastal ChipWorks TNC-X connected by serial port. The radio is an Alinco DR-130 set at 144.93Mhz. The antenna is a Diamond X200A mounted on a 20′ Satellite TV antenna Pole (Don’t laugh, it works and the pole cost less than $50 with brackets) and discreetly nested within the branches of a nearby tree. My station is

Future upgrades include adding a second VHF/UHF Transceiver and a really nice HF transciever to compliment my current collection of toys. The timeframe for these upgrades will depend on discretionary income. As with any hobby, it is wise to stick within a reasonable budget. Antennas are not edible…

Pictures of the Shack…

rig set up radio and TNC desk with rig antenna and pole


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