“Maman died today.” I have often wondered why Camus would open such a striking book as The Stranger with those three simple words. It was hard for me to understand what he meant to convey, what he meant to describe when he chose those words, how much he was opening the stage for his story. His wisdom was lost because I did not grasp the depth of his story. I am so sad to say I now understand that the story was not about one man’s journey in life, and the consequences of his mistakes, but the numbness of the soul which a man suffers after the loss of his mother. I regret more than anything to say that I now share Meursault’s sadness. Continue reading “Maman”

In Memorium

Many times in our lives we will cross paths with someone who will have a lasting impact on us. These people may be relatives, friends, or just someone we meet once in passing. The memories of these people, and what we learn from them, are what we come to define as ourselves; as what we pattern ourselves to be. These people are the fabric of our being. This is our basis of self, and our understanding of worth. Continue reading “In Memorium”